Snell Golf Canada continues to grow with support from everyday golfers who are tired of paying $60+ for a dozen golf balls. We are pleased to release our July 2017 Newsletter. Follow this link to view the PDF Snell Golf Canada July Newsletter 

Some highlights include:

  • Mike Blair, a graduate from Eastern Michigan, and currently residing in the Hamilton, ON area has announced on Twitter he is playing the Snell My Tour Ball in Tournament play – With no endorsement deal!
  • Matt McQuillan, based out of Kingston, ON who you might remember from placing 2nd in the 2013 John Deere Classic also announced he too is playing the MTB in Tournament play – With no endorsement deal!
  • Ron Stenzl talks with Jodie Jenkins “The Golf Guy” sports talk radio host as a follow-up to his fantastic February interview.
  • Dean Snell dropping more pearls of wisdom
  • Ron Stenzl, President of Snell Golf Canada talks about how Dean Snell convinced him to play the MTB regularly and it improved his short-game considerably by providing a consistency he just wasn’t getting with other balls.

We couldn’t thank our fans and supporters enough so we just like to say Thank You!! Be sure to follow us on Facebook: Snell Golf Canada, Twitter: Snellgolfcanada, Instagram: SnellGolfCan and check out our Youtube Channel Here.

Have a great Summer!