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Ron Stenzl, President – Snell Golf Canada

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Dean Snell, Founder & CEO, Snell Golf Inc.

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Kingston, Ontario, Canada – May 25, 2016: Dean Snell has worked closely with world-ranked professional golfers and amateur players alike during his nearly 30 year career as a golf ball engineer, developing top quality golf balls for Titleist and Taylormade. Well known brand names such as the original Pro-V1, Tour Preferred and Penta balls are among just a few of the balls he helped develop. In 2015, Dean leveraged his 30 year career in golf ball technology and started his boutique firm, Snell Golf Inc., with headquarters in New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA. The current Snell ball line includes “My Tour Ball” – a 3 piece tour caliber ball to enhance scoring for golfers at all levels and “Get Sum” – a 2 piece golf ball that will produce less spin.

In the US, Snell Golf Balls have rapidly gained marketplace traction due to their excellent performance, competitive pricing and “best in class” ratings by various testing groups. Snell golf balls have been recognized by Golf Digest’s 2016 Hot List, and The launch of now provides hassle-free access to Dean Snell’s golf ball line to all avid and recreational golfers in Canada.

Dean Snell comments on the Canadian roll-out, “Snell Golf launched in the United States in 2015 with an e-commerce business model, zero player contracts and low overhead. My intent was to design a high quality golf ball and sell it at an attractive price lower than comparable balls in the market. Our golf balls can only be ordered on-line and golfers who have tried one or both of the “My Tour Ball” or “Get Sum” balls have been consistent repeat customers and through word of mouth have introduced their friends to the balls. The formation of Snell Golf Canada, with people, warehouse and website located in Canada was the solution we needed to get our product to Canadian golfers. Ron and his team, with extensive business and marketing background allows Canadian golfers easy access to our products at

Dean Snell has been involved in the design of several high profile golf balls that most professional and amateur golfers have used. Unlike the 14 golf clubs in a golfer’s bag, the golf ball is involved in every shot and the right golf ball has the potential to enhance the golf experience. Snell Golf Canada’s website shares Dean Snell’s golf ball fitting philosophy that merits review by all golfers.

Ron Stenzl, President/CEO of Snell Golf Canada comments on the Canadian launch, “Dean Snell is a golf ball guru and our group intend to transfer his expertise and effectively market and distribute his existing golf ball line and any future golf ball innovations to the Canadian golf community. Both golf balls are outstanding. Golfers who play the balls are quick to talk about how much they like them. But it’s been the industry reviews that have really piqued golfer’s curiosity about the Snell Golf Ball line. Top ratings in Golf Digests 2016 Hot List product reviews and in have really driven demand upwards and these award winning golf balls are now easily available to Canadian golfers. We are confident that our customers in Canada will have amazing shot-making moments with Dean Snell’s golf balls.”

Snell Golf Canada is going to initially introduce the 2 piece ball (Get Sum) at $27.50 per dozen and the 3 piece ball (My Tour Ball), the flagship product at $41.99 per dozen which is 20-25% percent less than other recreational and tour quality golf balls. The Snell Golf Canada senior management team includes Ron Stenzl (CEO), Bill Crowe (Strategic Marketing Co-ordinator) and Dan Shea (Ecommerce Infrastructure.) All are experienced entrepreneurs with a lifelong passion for golf.

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March 2016 US Press Release

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After Successful First Year, Snell Golf Ready to Challenge in the Golf Ball Industry

President Dean Snell Eyeing Big Year with Premium Product Line-Up and Innovative Consumer Approach

New Bedford, MASS. (March 15, 2016) – Last year former Titleist and TaylorMade golf ball engineer Dean Snell launched Snell Golf, a company committed to developing premium golf balls at affordable, direct pricing. After a successful 2015 marked by positive media reviews and exceeded sales expectations generated by a loyal customer base, Snell Golf is primed for a breakthrough year.

“The overwhelming reception we have received thus far from golfers regarding our product’s performance and affordability has our company feeling bullish,” said Snell Golf President Dean Snell. “In what has become a crowded and complicated marketplace, we believe Snell Golf can find a niche by putting the customer first.”

While Snell Golf hopes to disrupt the conventional ball sales process with its consumer friendly, cost-savings strategy, the company’s success begins with its product. Snell, who has worked with countless Tour professionals, owns 40 granted U.S. golf ball patents and is the co-inventor of the original ProV1 has parlayed his 25 years of experience with equipment giants Titleist and TaylorMade to bring forth the same philosophies and materials to create his premium golf balls.

A premium multi-layered ball with a thin cast urethane cover, Snell Golf’s “My Tour Ball” (MTB) is the company’s flagship model and its performance is akin to the balls played on today’s professional tours. The ball features a low compression high velocity core allowing lower driver spin rates and faster ball speeds for all swing speeds to promote longer and straighter drives. The cast urethane cover is a Tour-proven technology that produces excellent short game spin and control while delivering soft feel and outstanding durability.

“My Tour Ball stands up to any golf ball played on the men’s or ladies Tours,” declared Snell. “We have put the best materials and level of detail into this ball to give golfers total tee-to-green performance. Unlike other Tour balls, ours are nearly half the cost. The price tag on golf balls from larger companies is higher because marketing, advertising and sales costs are factored in and passed on to the consumer.”

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Snell Golf’s second offering is called “Get Sum” and it is a high-performance, two-piece golf ball geared toward golfers who desire more control and require help getting the ball airborne. A large core keeps the driver spin rates low and creates fast ball speeds for all swing types.

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In addition to the performance benefits offered in both golf balls, customers will be even more satisfied with Snell Golf’s direct pricing. The cost of MTB is $31.99 per dozen, while Get Sum is available for $20.99 per dozen. “Testing Packs,” which offer six of each ball, are available for $26.99 and provide the consumer a chance to determine which product is best for their game. Snell Golf also offers “Value Packs” and customers are able to purchase six dozen MTBs for $157.99 or Get Sum for $75.00. Like all Snell Golf orders, shipping is free inside the continental U.S.

About Snell Golf Inc: Snell Golf is Golfs New Way! Launched in 2015 by prolific golf ball engineer Dean Snell, Snell Golf brings golfers “Tour Proven Technology at Direct to Consumer Prices!®” For the last 25 years, Snell has spent countless hours with PGA TOUR and LPGA professionals in the design and development of many successful golf balls that have been played and won on various worldwide tours.

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February 2015 US Press Release

Snell Golf

Contact: Dean Snell

For Release: Feb 2nd, 2015

Former Titleist and TaylorMade Golf Ball Guru Introduces Golfs New Way

Dean Snell-prolific golf ball designer- drives into 2015 with New Golf Ball Company

New Bedford, MA: Dean Snell, one of the top golf ball designers over the past 25 years, is announcing his new company- Snell Golf Inc. Snell Golf aims to bring the top technologies and proven performance to all golfers at an affordable, direct price.

Snell has spent the last 25 years working with highly reputable companies in the golf ball industry. Snell worked at Titleist and Foot-Joy Worldwide (7 years) and was involved in the design and development of several key products, which includes the original PROV1, Professional, Tour Prestige, HP2 Tour, and HP2 Distance. Snell has also worked as the VP of Research and Development for Golf Balls at TaylorMade Adidas Golf (18 years) where he continued this success in the design and development of several key products, such as: TP RED, TP BLACK, PENTA, TOUR PREFERRED and PROJECT (a). Snell currently holds 38 granted U.S patents all of which are in golf ball technology and design.

Snell has worked closely with product development and testing with the likes of Tiger Woods, Phil Mickleson, Sergio Garcia, Justin Rose, Jason Day and Dustin Johnson, among many others. Snell comments on his achievements: “I have been very blessed to work in the research and development of golf balls over the years and have made some great friends on tour. These players are the best in the world and talking to them, asking questions, developing prototypes and then seeing them win with the final product is the validity that we met the performance they wanted.”

Being in the golf ball industry for two and a half decades, Snell has seen the game of golf transform. “The game is changing and people are leaving. Something has to be done to help make the game more affordable, without sacrificing performance and technology. I want to bring the best materials, best processes and best performance that fits every golfer and improves their game- without breaking the bank. There are a lot of people who won’t play tour type caliber balls because they don’t want to pay fifty plus dollars a dozen. Today, Snell Golf can offer tour caliber performance but at an affordable price. By using tour proven technology and a strategic direct-to-consumer business model, we will be able to do just that.”

About Snell Golf Inc.: Snell Golf is Golfs New Way! Started by golfs premier golf ball designer over the last 25 years, “Snell Golf brings golfers Tour Proven Technology @ Direct to Consumer Prices!®” The company was founded in 2014 by Dean Snell, who has worked closely with several top tour players in the design and development of many successful golf balls that have been played and won on various worldwide tours.

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